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  • Four Bizarre News Stories This Week: Obama the Terrorist, Drive-In Sex & More


    Boy do we live in a crazy world. In Egypt, the only thing that surprises is us is that we’re still surprised. But if there’s one consolation to find in all the madness, it’s that the rest of the world is just as weird.

    Obama the Terrorist 

    US President Barack Obama has had some pretty venomous accusations thrown at him; from Donald Trump to Fox News, there’s a force that seems to really want Obama to be a socialist, Muslim terrorist of some sort. Well this week, Al Wafd Newspaper has claimed that it is in fact Barack’s brother, Malek, who’s the real terrorist of the family, going as far as to publish photos allegedly showing Malek meeting with MB members in Egypt and Syria. Well, that’s sorted then; the Obamas are terrorists.

    Image via Matt Bradley


    Zurich’s Drive-In Sex

    The Swiss are a peculiar bunch, but they’ve also generally got their stuff together. When you combine these two attributes, the result is usually a mix of brilliance and absurdity, as can be seen by the city of Zurich’s new drive-in sex compound. Said compound houses ‘sex boxes’ that fit one car each. In all seriousness, though, these measures have been taken to protect women who work in the sex trade; prostitution is legal, but there are few regulations that maintain the safety and rights of women. Not only is the compound manned by security guards, but there are also some very strict rules: namely, no bikes allowed. Bummer.


    Man ‘Shoots’ Marijuana into US Jail

    A man was arrested in Washington after firing an arrow wrapped with a bag of marijuana into Whatom County Jail. The 26 year old claimed he was actually out hunting and was trying to fire it at a squirrel. Sure, that old trick – wink, wink. What makes this all the worse is that this Robin Hood wannabe missed his intended target of the prison’s exercise area; the delivery insted landed on the roof.

    Image via The Bellingham Herald

    Pretty-in-Pink Putin

    Russian police this week stormed the halls of the Museum of Power in St. Petersburg and confiscated a rather dashing painting of Putin in a sexy little nightie, brushing the hair of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev – who himself is sporting a rather seductive bra and panties combo. In fairness, they’ve  never looked better.

    “Oh yeah, you like that, don’t you…”
    ‘Travesty’ by Konstantin Altunin