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    Foundation. this is the keyword of today.

    If you want to build a company, you have to have a solid foundation, which is basically the Human Resources, both the staff and the policies that govern the company.

    To build a country you need a foundation to build upon, you want to build an economy you need foundation. If you don’t have a solid foundation how do you expect to build a Country, hence an economy.

    The keyword used by a lot lately was STOP we are hurting the Economy.

    Well i beg to defer, the fact that there is a lack of security in the country is not because of the protest that took place in the past 3 days, as a matter of fact the protest are a result of lack of security, HSBC Robbed, 74 massacred, 2 children kidnapped, tourist kidnapped, exchange company heist in Sharm, that all resulted in the mass protests.

    I support the protest and their demands, i don’t support the violence that comes out of it, but i will be pragmatic for a second, isn’t there an interest for the “regime” to see that these protest are violent, i am not saying that all the violence is the “hidden hand”  of the regime… there are for sure some violent protestors.

    But away from protestor and back to the point, foundation. to build a solid foundation for an Country, requires a number of things:

    -  Security – no need of explanation here

    - Trust in the system, i think thats an important aspect, i mean if the people are not trusting the leaders, then how do you expect them to give 100% work into making a society

    - Laws & Policies (did you know for example we have a lot of gold, but not a lot of people can mine because of the current law makes the government take a 50% share of the profit or something like that, not sure abut the exact details but read it on Business Today Egypt once)

    - Human Resources: A lot of education is required here … A LOT !!

    anyway i don’t know what i am ranting on about, but i am just talking out loud, i might be right, i might be stating the obvious, or i might be a complete full of bullshit … who knows