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  • Food for thought

    Ok if you thought my English grammar was bad … Then brace yourself, this post is completely done on the phone, so even the basic auto correct feature is non existant.

    To normal public fishie appears as a constant upbeat person. To those who are close to fishie, would know that fishie might have been bit negative towards the party scene lately. Fishie is sort of sick of repeating the same night out and out in endless circle with nothing really new exciting.

    Have you ever thought that if you saved up in a month or two by cutting down on going out, you can get yourself a nice weekend escape to close by destinations such as Istanbul, Milan, berlin, prague, Budapest … Hell a 10 day trip to Budapest costs 9000 pounds including transport and accomadation… So 5days can be 4500.

    Another thing that I have been wondering about, why does the people within the Egyptian night life scene when travelling only like going to Beirut , London and Dubai … There are far more interesting cities a stone throw away from Cairo.

    While I am rambling in reconstructed thoughts … Why does everything we do on the night life involve dancing, drinking and night.. what happened to sports ? Activities … Thrills ?

    Also bars … For example new Cairo people go through an effort to come all the way downtown when they have an amazing bar in the Dusit … I actually found that interesting. I was talking to some random guy who lives in new Cairo and he told me there are no bars next to him so he has to go to zamalik to drink !!! Obviously I had to set him right and explain to him the jewel that is the dusit bar

    What I think what really also gets to me is dating on the scene, boys and girls of the scene all are complaining.of one thing.. there doesn’t exist a potential partner …. Well maybe because you are searching in a pond which is the scene, and not looking at the scene beyond it.

    Ok now that I unloaded have a great weekend boys and girls


    Kromba says:

    Hey, i personally don't know you. I even do not know ur sex, a male or a female… I hv been following ur updates on fb for the past cpl of yrs, not that i'm a daily participant of z DOs yet i always lyk 2 hv an idea wt's going out there.. For sum odd reason this article grabbed my attention so much, chapeau.. Its str8 2 z brains, realistic and talks 2 z rational tiny mature inch 2 z ppl out in z scene!! Y do u guys hv 2 hv ur drink in zamalek?
    Y do u guys hv 2 go 2 tamarai on tuesdays & fridays? Is it z gig or z "in" factor or tawqee3 7odoor "i was there"!!
    Y do u guys hv 2 party @ cavali in dxb every possible weekenk while u can use ur cash in exploring z world!!
    Y do ppl in z scene hv 2 rush into z same flight 2 lebanon clubbing @ z same so called "in" destinations?? Is it to prove presence, and come bk say " z club was super, if only less egyptians existed" !! It's lame ppl :( (
    Y do u complain, not finding z perfect match, while all ur social existance is @ places wr ur standards never accompdate wz surrounding ppl!!
    Well, this article is controversial, i really respect
    Hv a good day :)

    Dida says:

    I totally agree with you.. I think the reason we don't enjoy any of those parties we go to anymore is because we all overdid it.. Really we have been going to the same places for the past couple of years over and over again.. I personally stopped being in the scene as before because I got bored.. I'd rather go see a movie or chill with friends at a cafe or restaurant where we can have a proper conversation that going to the same party places every single week/weekend.