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  • flashback.

    Almost 8 month ago, when the situation of egypt was more or less the same as what we have been going through in the past couple of days, something else happened. 

    The worst of us came out. We have all this built up rage, anger and frustration regardless of the reasons for them and we just dont know where to take them out. It also happens that are laptops with facebook open are just right next to us. 

    So Naturally the first that happens is FACEBOOK HATING!!! 

    Again, if someone says something that is a bit provocative, their own friends attack them on it. These attacks gets really disgusting that you see insults exchanged between friends, or supposed friends, that is just outright appaling. 

    I would have thought we have learnt better from before. I thought in 8 month we would have time to mature and stop acting like kindergardeners …  so here is my advice …. 


    • The person posting: dont be provactice for the sake of being provactive, ya3ni if you are going to write a status and you know people reaction to it would be shit, at least have the decency to write your view in a nice way, rather than just out right provoking while still maintaining your message 
    • The person reading: if there is something you dont like, then you have to options, engage in your democratic right of a conversation but dont call the other person ignorant, just because they dont see your way. Or just ignore and live on.