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  • FJP/IKhawn Newspaper takes on DiSalata.com

    part 2/3

    When you hear that Freedom & Justice Party’s Newspaper < political arm of muslim brotherhood > writes an article about,  TV shows we love, produced by our friends, who have more or less same mentality as us. First thing you would come to your mind  OH SHIT AKEED BAHDOLOHOM …. they Criticized them. Akeed they thought Moza is too happy, Definitely they thought that Nadine Sabry’s fashion guide that doesn’t promote hijab, rather promotes bikinis is GOING TO CONDEMN US ALL TO HELL !  and they would have condemn their political commentator Amr El Fawel as spreading lies !

    Oddly enough they didnt  !!! yes IKHAWAN news paper actually wrote a really good review about them !! can you believe it. I am still in shock.  they said they love the optimism that is radiating from them, that nadine shows talks about the modern fashion at affordable prices!!! they actually didnt drop one negative comment on the dresses being to short, they actually liked it !! they loved ramez youssef, they loved the sarcasm of Kalamein show by Amr … i am in COMPLETE UTTER SHOCK

    Akeed they are giving us the carrot before the stick ? or is it possible that not all members of IKHAWAN are like salafis ? Is it possible they want to live side by side with us ?

    read The review of Disalata.com below, i have broken the article in three parts so it could be easier for you to read

    part 1 / 3

    part 2/3

    part 3/3