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  • FJP news papers on Egypt Air ?


    This litte picture that came on facebook caused a bit of a stir for EGYPTAIR

    claiming that FJP (ikhwan) horreeya and 3adala news paper are now on EgyptAir, and Ahram, together with Akhbar also, while removing other newspapers

    So i checked up with one of my friends who works in Egypt air!

    here is what happened

    INDEED HORREYA AND 3DALA newspapers are now on EGYPTAIR ! and of course the governmental ones!!! however Al Masry Al youm and Al Fajr newspapers are still on egyptair and has not been removed!

    i was an egyptair star-alliance gold member ! i flew with them everywhere … now … i dont know !! i dont think i will fly with them again ! ya3ni aslan they are not that good of an airline and only reason i flew with them was to suppose the country, but now if they wont support us why the hell should i support them.

    Two i will be setting up an open petition to remove the FJP newspapers from egyptair, and also send this petition to star-alliance.


    Egypt air replied to me on twitter saying the below