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  • Five Things Egypt is in Short Supply of Right Now


    I need a dollar, a dollar is what I need – or so went the song which you’ve probably forgotten about and you’re now wondering what the hell we’re on about.

    In case you hadn’t noticed we’re in the midst of a dollar crisis here people and quite frankly, it sucks. Unfortunately for all of us the effects of the dollar crisis reach beyond a lack of ammo for a money fight or a Scrooge McDuck style swimming pool.

     Here are 5 things which are in short supply in Egypt right now (and yes…this is EXACTLY why we can’t have nice things)



    Well there’s no better way to escape the dollar crisis than by leaving the country. Unfortunately, skipping Egypt is becoming increasingly difficult with airlines including dutch operator, KLM, pulling out of Cairo as a result of the foreign currency shortage.

    Meanwhile, national carrier Egypt Air is stopping the sale of air tickets for routes starting and ending outside the country as of next week. So using the national carrier as your airline of choice outside Egypt is also kind of a pain.



    Ok, so it might sound like we’re milking it here, but Cairo supermarkets are suffering from a serious lack of imported cheese in recent weeks. Locally made cheese is fine but isn’t variety the spice of life? Apparently no dollars means no tasty imported dairy goodies. Bad news for mice and bad news for you.



    Well ladies (and gents), let’s be honest – there is nothing quite as sexy as some sizzling lingerie. You know, the kind that just screams “OMG check me out in this”. Well the bad news is the flow of foreign lingerie in Egypt has taken a massive hit and thus Victoria Secret has become a lot more secretive. Ladies you’ve been warned, snap it up while you still can.

    Birth Control Pills


    Just because Egypt is facing a shortage of sexy lingerie, it certainly doesn’t mean we are not having sex here. Sadly for those of us who want to get down and dirty without the pitter patter of tiny feet nine months later, options are now somewhat limited.

    Many pharmacies in the capital reporting shortages of both the morning-after pill and the contraceptive pill as a result of the dollar shortage in recent months. So for now kids, the advice is simple – wrap it up.

    Online Shopping


    Many people in Egypt love shopping online – it beats braving Cairo’s streets. However, the world of online retail has become more of a shopping hell after international payment firm Paypal decided to stop payments from Egypt in the wake of the recent crisis. Meanwhile Egyptian banks have also limited the amount of cash customers can withdraw while abroad meaning that shopping for foreign goodies is now more difficult than ever before.

    By Conor Sheils