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  • Five Reasons to Be Excited About the iPhone 6


    After months of speculation, Apple has finally revealed details of the long-awaited and hotly-debated iPhone 6. Having lost ground to Samsung and Android in recent times, the latest addition to the iPhone family has been treated as a make-or-break moment for a company that many believe has lost its va va voom since the passing of turtle-neck-wearing visionary, Steve Jobs.

    But Apple has never done anything by halves and seem to have responded to iPhone users’ increasing dissatisfaction. Thanks to frequent bouts if iTunes-induced rage, I’ve been a Samsung loyalist for quite some time, but I can’t help but be slightly excited at the prospect of giving the iPhone 6 and it’s big sister, the iPhone 6Plus,  a spin – here’s why.

    Size Matters

    Looking to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy and Note lines, the iPhone 6 Plus measures in at a whopping 5.5 inches – a far cry from the 4 inches of the iPhone 5. With that comes full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, the ability to ‘multi-task’ using an app dock that allows you to run and access several apps and functions with ease.

    Curves Are Sexy

    The iPhone 5′s rather sharp, flat design has made way for some insatiably sexy curves. In addition, both sets are thinner – in fact, it’s the slimmest iPhone yet, with the iPhone 6 standing at 6.9mm and the iPhone 6 Plus only slightly thicker at 7.1mm. This is not just a superficial feature, however; the bigger handsets’ shape is said to have been made as such for comfy use.

    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

    As expected, the iPhone 6′s engine room has received a significant upgrade and is a bigger beast than ever; the new A8 processor is 25% cent faster and is accompanied by with a graphics chip that is a whopping 50% faster. To put that in layman’s terms, the iPhone 6 is fifty times faster than the iPhone 5. Nice.

    Ed7ak… El Soora Tetla3 7elwa

    While it hasn’t quite caught up with the Samsung and Sony phone cameras, the iPhone 6′s new image capturing technology has improved features. At 8 megapixels, the camera benefits from optical image stabilisation and a new focus system that features, not only face detection, but smile detection – there was nothing mentioned about duck-face detection, though.

    I. Am. Ion-Man.

    There’s nothing quite as gut-wrenching as dropping your phone face down and picking it up to discover a Spiderman-web-like crack across the screen. Apple have gone some way to strengthening the  iPhone 6 models with ion-strengthed glass, though many are disappointed that rumours of using sapphire glass – one of the strongest manmade materials on the planet – never came to fruition.

    Reaction has, thus far, been mixed with many seeing Apple’s newest baby already fighting a losing battle, while others have hailed it as a game-changing release. Only time will tell.