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  • Five Lame Texts You Send, and How to Improve Them


    Ah, texting. So many innuendos, so many misunderstandings, so many misused emojis. Correspondence used to be an art form back in the days of handwritten letters with excellent penmanship and vernacular, but today’s generation opt for acronyms instead of spelling out what they want to say. Is it laziness? Perhaps you’re trying to seem effortless and cool? Truth is, it’s actually having the opposite effect; when someone gets a text saying ‘what’s up?’, they’re most likely rolling their eyes as they try to think of something interesting to reply with, or, they mindlessly text back ‘not much’. That conversation isn’t going anywhere…. 

    With a few simple tweaks, however, you can get the same message across (pun unintended) and make it sound much more appealing. Here are five typical texts we’ve all sent, and how to improve them: 


    The Text: ’Hey. What are you up to?’

    What it Means: I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say to you. Please entertain me.
    This makes you sound both boring and bored. 
    Instead, try sending a picture; something that reminds you of the person you’re texting, or that triggers an inside joke or memory you both share. 


    The Text: ‘Hey. What are you doing this weekend? Do you want to go to [insert place/event/activity] with me?’

    What it Means: Even though whatever it is you want them to join you for is probably fun, you sound uncertain by posing a question.
    Instead, eliminate the question marks and say: 

    ‘Hey! I’m going to [insert place/event/activity] this weekend. You should come!’

    This is a much more confident way to propose plans, and leaves less chance for rejection. 


    The Text: ’Wish you were here.’ 

    What it Means: Wherever you are, you’re not having fun because the person you are texting is not present. Even if you are having fun, this text still has a less positive vibe. Instead, try texting: 

    ‘You should be here right now!’ 

    It’s a much more positive and confident way of saying their presence is important. 


    The Text: ‘Do you want to come over/hang out?’

    What it Means: I want to see you, but don’t have an exact plan of what we’d do if you did come over. 
    People are more drawn to self-assuredness and those who know how to have fun. So entice them to come over by instead saying: 

    ‘You, me, GoT and pizza. Tomorrow.’ 

    It may seem a bit forward and presumptuous, but it sounds a lot better than ‘wanna come over’, no? It also shows that you made the effort to think of a fun plan for the both of you. 


    The Text: ‘Hey. How are you? 3amla/3amel eh ‘

    What it means: You obviously have a reason for texting them, and the best thing would be to cut to the chase. Small talk is boring, and you know they’re going to reply with ‘fine’ or ‘el7′. 
    Instead, lead with the lede– that is, get to the point by telling them what you texted them for, whether it’s because you need a favour, are asking for a referral, perhaps you want advice…. Whatever it is, just say it from the start and they’ll be grateful for your upfront approach.
    This also goes for making and answering phone-calls. 


    These five simple changes are enough to make you a cetrified textpert! 

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk