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  • Five Egyptian Eco Lodges Every Urbanite Needs to Visit


    While many Cairenes ditch the capital to check out the country’s high-end 5 star resorts, the country’s plethora of stunning eco lodges are still undiscovered gems for many.

    The term eco lodge is broad – it generally means that the project has been built using locally available materials and thus benefits local people and invests in environmental harm reduction policies. So, in short, you can have an awesome time without feeling guilty.

     Here are 5 of Egypt’s top eco lodges.

     Anakato Eco Lodge – Gharb Sohil, Aswan


    Located in the Nubian village of Gharb Sohil near Aswan, the Anakato Eco Lodge hotel provides the ideal getaway for those seeking a break with a difference. The hotel is  famous for its brightly coloured decoration, warm hospitality and possibly the most stunning Nile view anywhere in the country. If you fancy a taste of authentic Nubian culture and hospitality then look no further than Anakato.

    Al Karm Eco Lodge - St Katherine, Sinai


    The Al Karm lodge is located within the St Katherine’s Monastery within the St Katherine’s protectorate. The lodge includes 8 Bedouin houses which in total can house a total of 34 guests at this stunning Sinai location. So whether you hold ambitions of checking out the Sinai trail, climbing Mount Sinai or simply just enjoying a break away from it all – Al Karm is exactly what you need right now.

     Desert Rose Eco Lodge - Bahariya Oasis


    Located at the Bahariya Oasis, the Desert Rose Eco Lodge aims to provide guests with a relaxing break in a setting which has been entirely engineered by local craftsman using local materials. Meanwhile, food served at the lodge is also sourced from the ‘Rose’s’ organic farm.

    Taziry Eco Lodge – Siwa


    If the Desert Rose isn’t your cup of tea then why not pop over to Siwa where you can sample the delights of the Taziry Eco Lodge. The main focus behind this particular holiday with a difference is to preserve the Berber culture of the Siwa region alongside the traditions and customs of the people there. The Taziry enjoys a beautiful mountain setting and some of the best star gazing in Egypt.

    Bedouin Valley Eco Lodge – Marsa Alam


    The Bedouin Valley eco camp is located just a few km south of the town of Marsa Alam. The camp provides holidaymakers with simple, eco friendly huts and some of the best diving and snorkelling in the region. The Bedouin valley is a must see for any traveller with a taste for watersports. The camp itself is simple but beautiful.

    By Conor Sheils