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  • Five Alternative Ways to Get Fit in Cairo


    We all get lazy about exercising more often than we’d like to admit – the gym is just so boring. If only there was a way that we could have fun and tone at the same time…

    Here are five ways you can do just that.



    Always fantasized about being a cheerleader? Here’s your chance to make that a reality, while getting that cheerleader body. You can attend classes at Hers and Fly Fit, and get in that aerobics training you’ve been too lazy to bother with, but with a cheery (pun not intended) twist.



    Who would have thought you could burn calories just by jumping around? Apparently, the people at BeFit. Those jump-kicks are almost like bouncy-castle karate….

    Pole Fitness


    No, this does not make you a stripper. At Garden City’s Pole Fit, as well as Project Pole which has studios in Mohandiseen and Maadi, you can up your strength, flexibility, stamina and coordination, as well as tone that booty—all while having fun contorting around a pole (and pretending to be an acrobat).

    Aerial Yoga


    A step up from your average hatha routine, this gravity-defying yoga looks tricky but can actually make some poses, like Reverse Table, easier! Try it out at On the Mat Studio in Zamalek.

    Roller Blading


    It’s so much more fun than running, and looks so much cooler. Join the CairRollers derby team and see for yourself! Cardio has never been so enticing….

    Get fit, or laugh trying.

    Salma Thanatos Rizk