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  • Fishie’s Bad Day


    So here it is. I’m having a bad day. You know when your food is not ready on time because the chef is late, the house is not clean in the morning because the maid late, your coffee is not right, work is not getting done, people are driving wrong (ok that is every day), and it all leads up to a generally shitty day? [Duckie says: 7aga #FirstWorldPains awi ya3ni]

    So here are some do’s & don’ts for bad days like these:

    TURN OFF YOUR PHONE! You will end up texting your clients some weird shit that’s sure to make your day go from bad to worse.

    Do not post on facebook about it because you will get people liking the post, which is not the point! They are not suppose to like my bad day they are suppose to ask me what’s up? [Duckie: everybody go like Fishie's post about his bad day!]

    Drink yourself to oblivion; I mean come on, what is the worse that will happen, you will explode and have a fight with someone? It’s okay you can get away with the excuse of bad day. [Duckie: the excuse doesn't work. I quit.]

    If you have shit spelling and grammar like me, don’t type at all or else you will get every person who pretends as if they are english literature majors correcting your every mistake.

    Don’t have sex, unless you’re into S&M, good for you… you are kinky.

    Do not go next to an ATM, shopping mall, Häagen-Dazs, cup cakes… basically anything that you will regret next morning.

    Do not go to the gym, you will look fat next those anorexic bitches and make your day worse.

    The only solution is kill yourself! And fuck the bad day. [Duckie: there are much better solutions than this. Sleep it off for one. Exercise, contrary to Fishie's belief, releases endorphins and will make you feel better. So will chocolate and sex, or better yet a combination of both.]