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  • Fishie world version # 1,000,001

    This blog has been reshapped, redesigned, redone, re-everything a million and ONE times !  so yea may be the one extra time above the million would be the almost final design, 

    plus i am sucker for the fishie and kittie icons! they have bubbles !!! incase your asking where i found them, well i reveal my sources, … you can easily by these graphics from ISTOCKPHOTO … :) i obviously didnt hand drawn them, but i did buy them so yay to fishie and kittie .. … hey where is the lion logo, well fishie for some odd reason grew legs and got on land ate lion  ! 

    okay so as the weekend comes to an end i will be doing the first official post for this, new blog, … do you know what it would be about… it would be the results of the survey that i have asked the CG Men, one what they look for in the girls would they marry … and well the results of this survey is marrying

    oh and to Mr. E3lanaty who redesigned the website for the millionth and one time thank you …