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  • Fishie Tales: Welcome to the world of advertising.


    Fishie tales, are the inner most thoughts of a fish that lives in the Nile, it occasionally swims between the Mediterranean & red sea. Fishie was born on a hot summer night  on the Mediterranean coast in 2010. 

    By no means what so ever, do i know anything about advertising or marketing. However my birth was almost 3 and half years ago. Then the petting zoo that is called CairoGossip (CG), came to life. I, Fishie, feel like i got catapulted on this world they call advertising and marketing. For the first two years in  my life,  i got approached by a number of club owners, event organizers, and big brands requesting to  to market on my platforms, and  i refused.

    Then December last year,  i finally started accepting to have people advertise on my platforms. Why? Well it was really simple, I always did CG as a hobby, nothing more, nothing less. Always the product of CG was marketing for every brand I talk about.  Then I realized everyone was profiting off my  platform except me. So this fish, decided to make money off CG.

    But how do i do that while still sticking to my DNA, which is having the information available to the whole community, but in the same time staying within the community. Not expanding too much, not selling my soul for more hits on my  blog.

    The first thing I did, was set up a target, in which we at CG we choose who advertises with us, and we don’t accept any advertiser. It’s not out of being pompous  but sometimes you have brands  like Porto. Porto isn’t really geared towards the readers of CG, hence if i take an advert from them, I will be one tricking them by advertising on a platform where their target market won’t be met. Two i will be tricking my readers by having the blog endorse a brand i don’t personally like.

    The second thing, I thought the facebook account of CG is off limits for advertising, mean I will not spam on the Kalam facebook, i could maybe mention something once or twice a week for 2 weeks but that’s it. You as my followers would hate it if i spam you overdose

    The third thing. Stay true to what you know. We know parties, We know drinks, We know music. Hence why the blog being mostly about nightlight and the latest section that is called Tunes. There is actually one more thing we know that we are good at.  That however will be a new section to be launched within a month or two.

    With that being said, i have entered the world of advertising, that being said in another tale, we will have a little story i have with an advertiser in Egypt.