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  • Fishie Tales… The Advertiser.


    So in my last Fishie Tales,  I talked about what made me get into the world of advertising and marketing, Well today, I will talk about one Advertiser without mentioning names or anything like that.

    Well see as Fishie  & CairoGossip we are a small-to-medium blog (SMB), We dont really care much for advertisers’ money, as long as we make a minimum per month to cover the cost of the blog, We dont care much about the profit aspect. For a number of reasons, mainly being though that CairoGossip is NOT our my main source of income, if anything its not even an income it just is hobby i guess.

    What i am interested in though is BARTER DEALs. To a lot of blogs, magazines, etc  sees that as a loss. To me not really I love getting tech items for free, I love getting hotel rooms for free, and who doesn’t like going to parties for free. I mean come on seriously the amount of money people in cairo spend in parties is insane.

    So i approached one advertiser for a barter deal. It was actually a really good deal to their end, they had to give me a basket of product that went for a street value of 15,000L.E. in return for advertising with us and we becoming their brand ambassador, for 1 year.  They had to also ensure that products they give us are upto to the latest tech.  ( usually advertising on my blog is 5,000 EGP a month) so i am giving them 1 year  advertising for the price of 3 month.  SWEET!

    Anyway that advertisers negotiation went one with them can you imagine for how long ????

    2-3 months. Mostly due to technical issues, like they weren’t able to get the product in time due egyptian customs, being so so so so slow. But of course they were not at fault themselves. There was also my fault i grew impatient. In today’s world in two three month a new tech can be obselete and i wanted it before it became obsolete  To be honest i just cant wait that long, i have things and stuff i rather do. So purchased the main product myself and loved it.

    Of course buying this product means that deal with the advertiser is no longer on the table. On one i feel like shit its a missed opportunity  because also having their logo on my website would have looked good for perspective advertisers.  But on the other hand i felt a little liberated. Why because i felt i wont be committed to a one year contract with anyone. One year is too long. especially in technology years.

    In my next fishie tale on advertising maybe i will talk about how i am trying to give one advertiser a FREE advert to get another one to come as a paying customer! its a technique everyone uses in the advertising industry.