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  • Fishie Tales: Jan 25 & Long Weekend


    In my second instalment of my personal thoughts, as we edge closer to 25th Jan, i cant but help think of revolution 2.0.

    The one that started when ikhwan hijacked Egypt, The one where it was even sparked more when Morsi declared the new constitution by having only 63% of the country approving it;  of which only 1 out of 8 eligible voters voted on. The one where we are suppose to save our country from being stolen from us.

    The one that all the opposition is hoping it would be re-ignited again on 25th of Jan 2013, due to the memory of the revolution and ever increasing prices and frankly shit economy, that is failing.

    Here is what i am afraid of with all honesty, 24th of Jan being a holiday, meaning a long weekend. that our friends on the scene, would actually take this long holiday and run to gouna or soukhna to party.  This long weekend, it would need the help of every single one. We already are partying every day. I am out there documenting it through our live pictures. I am partying too. but we can take a break for a week or ten days or hell a month if that is how long it would take to save our country.

    For it to succeed, we have to start it strong and keep it strong.

    I remember i read on one of my friends statuses, he said something like for this time Jan25 to succeed, you need to repeat everything, break the jails, make sure a security collapse, infiltrate the interior ministry. Where i am anti-violence, but i honestly think that is the only way to win again. For us to succeed, we need to make sure everything collapse, already the economy is doing that, security also needs to follow. But all that in the same time within the same week.

    I have had enough of our country being sold out, but yea when qatar puts in Egypt ”Deposits” of 4Billion or 5, just to save our dollar from slipping it is not doing from the good of its own heart. Remember this is deposits, not aid. Which means they can take it back at any time, carry an interest rate, which we pay monthly to qatar money.

    I use to hate Egypt from a long time ago, before Ikhwan Era, mostly because i mostly hang out in  on the “scene” venues and lets face it.. every one is fake on the scene.  However, now with ikhwan also taking over, its like the shit we are in, has doubled !  So yea that gives me motivation to even fight harder.

    Alot of people who saw me, active on facebook or on the streets during the itt7edia protest where asking why am i doing this now? why am i not just focusing on parties ?

    well because whether i like it or not, this blog or that facebook profile “Kalam”, does have an influence on people. As an Egyptian Fish who cares about the future of its country, I have a responsibility towards my country. I have a responsibility to keep people enlightened.

    As we edge closer to jan 25 you would find my political posts increasing. I leave you with my idol. Aida Ayoubi !