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  • Fishie Ramadan Diaries: Ramadan is not an excuse!


    ( every ramadan, I start my own personal diaries, not because my life is interesting, because trust me it is far from interesting! its quiet the opposite end, but because I cant write about parties, and well I have to write about something… so yea… incomes the fishie ramadan diaries… so lets start)

    I am sick and tired of people using ramadan as an excuse to get out of doing things, or for things being done slowly!

    Work is work, slowing down your productivity or coming to my office looking like a dead hog and be like yea but i am fasting, excuse you… What do you think I am doing, I am fasting, too! Yet i am  twice more productive!

    people who use Ramadan as an excuse to become lazy, sit in their offices play with facebook, or just after iftar sit on the sofa and watch TV and doing nothing useful during this month has clearly got Ramadan wrong.

    Ramadan, is a month where you fast and life goes on normal like it would with any other month! We Egyptians/Arabs are so lazy! Oh yea and Ramadan is a month where you are suppose to get closer to Allah, and connect on a spiritual level and improve yourself. Become a better person, whether its through praying, fasting, reading the quran, or learning maybe a new skill, or actually doing YOUR WORK!!! I remember something about once a hadeeth or something I am not sure what it was but where it said that doing your work is like praying (obviously not exactly the same, but you get my point)

    But this is just to obvious for me to write a whole post about it! but i thought, a lot of people need to be reminded of this!

    Especially in a time when we are trying to rebuild our country if anything, we NEED TO DOUBLE OUR OUTPUT!!!

    oh and ramadan is not an excuse for you to get FAT! Eid is around the corner, and speaking of corners, there is a gym around each corner in Cairo!