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  • Fishie Ramadan Diaries: MO’MONEY!


    (Fishie Ramadan Diaries aka FRD, are a bunch of personal writing that are completely meaningless and are nothing but a the ramblings of a tired old fish and is just bathroom reading material ) 

    So as ramadan comes, one self reflects on a lot of things, spiritual, family and money.

    so one must think about money, also Ramadan is not cheap, with all the 3ozamat, and sweets you have to buy and also pay for tents minimum charge etc,

    One thing that came to me shocking in terms of pricing, so in Sequoia to get a full iftar buffet it is around 250 per person, I mean as a friend was saying add an extra 100 to that and go to the Four season and esmak fetaaret el four season!

    But what came to me as the most shocking is this event with Q&A With Bassem Youssef  on saturday, Can you believe that cost of such a suhor is 400L.E.

    Yes 400L.e.! I went over the event back & forth 3 times trying to read the FB event seeing if there is any money going to charity, but there wasnt.. maybe there will be but they havent announced, but bardo 400L.e ?

    Let me start over..

    Ramadan is not cheap, but it also is the one with greatest rewards, you are suppose to spend your money wisely, give to back to those in need, do Zakkah in it, take care of where you spend your money not on useless things at the end of the day Ibzar (spending money on meaningless stuff) is haram.

    So yea Ramadan is not cheap but it is rewarding and worth it.

    Then anyway for a lot of us who go out every weekend, Ramadan is cheap, because sadly you end up saving up so much money you would be spending in the clubs & the bars, so maybe this a money to also save up some money for theyself.