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  • Fishie Does Kittie {Interview}


    1. Why did you choose kittie, do you remember what we liked about that name ?

    That was like 3 years ago.. I think it was during our ‘kharbeshhh’ phase and you kept calling me 2otta lol

    2. As you know fishie thinks 75% percent of the boys on the scene are not datable for long term { marriage } , what does kittie have to say about that ? thoughts ?

    is fishie sure about the 75%, not 76%.. 77.3%?? haaaa? btw u know i hate when ppl it ‘the scene’ but anyways, i disagreee! Because that’s what people say about the girls too!! So, no… it depends on the person.. there are people who don’t go out at all and are still assholes and not datable long-term .

    3. Do you think the scene that we are in is a bit like mean girls ? elaborate your answer ?

    Lol, i dont really remember that movie… but I guess so! Yess it’s like that.. and that’s a good thing, it should stay that way.

    4. If you would do a Ramadan tent activity, what would you do that is different ?

    are you seriously asking me this??

    5. if you had a general advice to all the organizers what would it be?

    Need an alternative to gogo dancers.. we’ve memorized their boobs and asses khalass..

    Maybe more male gogo dancers wouldn’t be so bad, amiirighttt ladies?!!

    6. When kittie wants to escape the madness of the scene where does she go ?

    pool, sun, & cocktails at my happy place .. or get a caffeine buzz at ourrr happy place

    7. New York Vs. Cairo, whose got what ?

    New york’s got layla, and Cairo’s got you guys lol.. Let’s narrow it down to: The Island of Manhattan VS. The Island of Zamalek.. Manhattan’s got it all, variety in everything, u can discover a new thing to do every week.. Zamalek doesn’t have variety but somehow, u still won’t get bored even if you go to the same place every weekend.. we zamalek.

    8. your most kittilicious embarrassing moment ? other than you and fishie falling off the speakers in skybar ?

    hahahhaha hey humpty dumpty, that was only fishie who fell!! i was the one laughing and doing damage control..
    but I’ve fallen getting out of a Jacuzzi, flew backwards and landed flat on my back..had to walk sideways for a week.
    What else? Ohhhh how could I forget the pool party incident lol.. Of course I was the first one in the water, lucky enough to step on a broken shot glass inside the pool.. blood everywhere, next thing I know my friends are pouring vodka & ice on my foot and wrapping it up with a bandage .. I continued the party hopping on one foot, and the rest of the weekend in gouna wearing running shoes

    9. is kittie seeing someone ?

    is fishie?

    10. we hear rumors that kittie also stopped smoking, making both fishie and kittie ex smokers ? why did you quit smoking ? how did you stop ? do you advise others to ? any improvement on lifestyle after smoking ?

    i never wanted to stop ;( i love cigarettes and smoking is my therapy.. but 2 weeks of bronchitis forced me to stop.. it’s been 2 months… the best improvement is that i dont wake up sounding like a middle-aged truck driver. Other than that, I need my cigssss :’(

    11. If you would write a one paragraph to describe the scene, in the summer on the beaches, how it would be ? .. does there exist different sections and clicks in haciendas ? remember like the tamarai map we did ?

    Instead of a paragraph, can I list? Ok, thanks

    hacienda: for those who are ready to get wasted before lunchtime
    diplo: for those who like to attempt suicide by swimming in rock-infested waters
    marassi: for the banana boat-adventurous
    marina: only go if you have a boat. only.

    obviouslyyyyy i prefer hacienda