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  • First preview of Number 10

    With the opening of 10 happening tomorrow, where all you ladies can get your pedicure, make up and all that party needs or non party needs done… fishie caught up with its two favorite gals  Laurice & Soraya, and oh we have pictures of the place too !

    so here is two questions fishe asked to Laurice and Soraya and this is what they had to say

    What is your inspiration behind 10?

    Laurice: I love the beauty stuff since I was 5 years old, I have always seen my mom, my stepmom do beauty stuff and they kept pushing me to do it because they thought I have a natural talent and they pushed me for certification, and my dad helped with the courses to be certified … and here we are… 10.

    Soraya: I am make up artist & I am also studying skin care so I always wanted to have my own make up studio. I didnt want a beauty salon or “Coiffeur” like the one we have in cairo, the typical classic beauty saloon, we wanted something reflects our personality something playful, fresh and creative and this is where the idea of the “Beauty Playground” was born

    what brought you two together?

    Laurice:  Long time ago Soraya came to me and she was like suggested that we do our  own studio for the beauty stuff that whether make up tattoo and more, and now a few years later now that we finally managed to get the finance for it, our dream became reality

    Soraya:  Luarice and I have been friends for a long time, we have alwas talked about opening something like that, we complete eachother. Combined we offer make up, tattoo, nail art and skin care. I think the combination of friendship, creativity and loyalty is what brought 10 to life

    Also dont forget tomorrow if you are going to the white party there is an WHITE INSPIRED MAKE UP SESSION IN 10


    Pedicure Playground





    Make up Playground


    WAX / TATTO / Facials Playground


    the 10 playground


    Relax Playground