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  • Feminists should be shot | Brain fart


    I think feminists should be shot. As simple as that. And any woman who disagrees should be ashamed of herself.

    Feminists claim that women are equal to men. I’m not going to get into how an ideology that says “we are equal” is very self-contradicting, sort of like how I think that Black History Month is a bigger insult to African Americans than white people saying ‘nigger’, but that’s besides the point. Feminists claim that women are equal to men, and by doing so seriously undervalue the gender they are trying to help. Women are not only equal to men, but exceed men in more things than we’d like to admit. I know so many women who are superior to men than men who are superior to women, and then these idiots come along and make all this fuss about being equal? That’s a joke.

    Basically, this is a women’s appreciation post. I thought of waiting for a significant time to post this but doing so when some woman somewhere achieves something magnificent defies the point completely. Women should be appreciated all the fucking time, and shouldn’t need an achievement to trigger said appreciation. But before getting all happy and proud, some of you (women) should know that you really do hold back your gender’s status. Some of you are the reason women don’t get the appreciation they deserve. The same goes to men, without saying, but I just thought I’d make a quick not of that so you don’t all think you’re magnificent. You know under which category you fall under.

    Someone very close to me once told me “women are the fabric of society”, something I didn’t understand until sometime not too far back. I now understand that, and want to share my admiration and respect to those among the fairer sex who just don’t get what they deserve from society, so here’s on their behalf.