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  • Fawazeer: Quirky Ramadan Tent at Le Meridien


    What do you think about when you read the word fawazeer? Personally, I see a man in a green suit and oversized shoes – yes, the man , the myth, the legend that is Fatouta – and Nelly hopping around like a kid high on lemonade. It’s these peculiar but strangely comforting flashbacks that are the basis of one of Cairo’s quirkiest Ramadan tents this year, Fawazeer.

    Taking place at one of the city’s newer hotels, Le Meridien Cairo Airport, Fawazeer is inviting Cairenes to take the trippiest of trips down memory lane with a set-up that will appeal both to the little chubby kid inside of you and the eccentric adult that you hoped you’d become; think big, bold summery colours for the former and hip retro pop art hues for the latter.

    In addition to serving sohour, drinks and shisha, there will be a host of things to do to keep idle thumbs busy, with X-Box, Playstation and Wii consoles ready and waiting, while some of Egypt’s most popular bands are set to perform on Fridays; this week (June 26th) Karakeeb are set to take to the stage, while the Friday after this will see Alexandrian band, Massar Egbari, perform.

    But no tent called Fawazeer would be complete without some actual fawazeer and there will be some good ol’ fashion riddle-solving throughout the month with one winner to be announced, and of course rewarded with a special prize, each day.

    Fawazeer officially opens on Monday 22nd of June. For reservations and more information, call 02-2265-9600.

    By Gemima Flashback