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    Ghadir Spring Summer 2012

    There is a new fashion designer in town, and by new we dont mean she just started, no we mean she moved to town and she will take it by storm  ! Meet Ghadir Mahdy, who is going to do an event next monday to show case her collection at Rania’s Corner in  Elmenets FB EVENT  https://www.facebook.com/events/450838564941668/

    also you can follow Ghadir oon FB and her Blog



    So fishie had a chance on interview Ghadir, and here is what went down !

    How old are you ?

    When did you start in fashion?
    I started designing clothes for myself about 3 years ago while I was studying Journalism in Hong Kong. It was a hobby I nurtured with time by teaching myself about fabrics, experimenting with different designs and basically exploring my only outlet for creativity. I became more passionate about it when I realized I could turn my imagination into something real and tangible. And that was a turning point for me.

    What makes your collection different?
    My collection has a protean nature to it because of the type of lifestyle that goes hand in hand with both of my parents working for the Egyptian Foreign Service. There’s diversity in the cultural influences that inspire my designs because I’ve had the opportunity to live in countries like Hong Kong, Mauritius, Denmark, Cyprus and Beijing. It makes my collection simultaneously universal and exotic.

    who is your favourite designers, local and international ?
    Jason Wu, Dian Von Furstenberg, Patrizia Pepe, Sass & Bide are some of the names I frequent for inspiration. Locally, I wouldn’t say I’m very familiar with the local fashion scene as of yet because i haven’t lived here for very long. Ask me again next year!

    Who and what are you influences in your designs ?
    The answer to this very hard question is my blog. It’s my very own virtual fashion diary where I share the inspirations behind each of my designs, themed collages and music – anything that I find remotely interesting and that resonates with me. I also write about what I’ve learnt moving from somewhere as cold and harsh as Copenhagen to Mauritius – a tropical Island in the Indian Ocean, to a crazy cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong. The contrast between all these experiences have left imprints on my perception of beauty and peculiarity.  And if you flip through my blog from start to finish, you’ll understand what I mean by that.

    Where did you study fashion design ? 
    I didn’t study fashion design. I studied Journalism and Politics at the University of Hong Kong.

    Whats the one thing you hate in fashion to use? or see people wear? 
    Five Finger barefoot sport shoes creep me out a little.

    If you would change something about the egyptian fashion scene, what would you do ?
    Like I said, I’m new in town and I have so much to find out still about what’s happening in Cairo’s fashion industry.

    Tell us more about the new collection that your launching together with the inspiratation the background, who did you work with on it, from design, to make up, to model to photography .. the whole deal

    This collection is kind of like my baby, haha! I’ve worked hard on it and watching it slowly come to life has proven to be a very rewarding experience. So naturally when it came time to do the photo-shoot, I wanted to work with someone who also enjoys creative spontaneity & isn’t afraid of aiming high even in unfamiliar territory. The whole shoot was a collaboration between myself and independent filmmaker Sherif Nakhla and it marks his debut as a fashion photographer as well as my debut as a designer/model. We shot the whole collection in my home and there was no makeup artist, stylist, any of that – the crew consisted of myself and Sherif. It was crazy fun though doing this guerrilla style. And I couldn’t be more proud of the end result.