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  • FamJam: Nacelle’s Newest Concept Opens Festival Experience to Families


    While the very word Nacelle conjures up the mysteriously cathartic darkness of House Sessions and the smoother and more subtle vibes of B-Side, Tito El Kachab and co. are doing things a little differently with their newest concept, FamJam.

    Set to debut on Saturday 2nd of April, FamJam is taking cues from the insanely popular Funk N Pop and the chosen location of Royal Club Mohamed Aly isn’t the only thing the two events have in common.

    Kicking off at noon – and going on till 8PM – the all-day fiesta shares some of the best features with FnP, in having live music, DJs, a food-court and games like ping-pong, but – as is implied by the name – it’s a more family-friendly approach to the all-day festival concept. Other features of FamJam include a cinema and a bar for adults, with other activities still to be announced.

    It’s an interesting time to be following Nacelle – following news earlier this year that this is to be the last season of House Sessions, the increasing popularity of uber-exclusive event, Behind Closed Doors, and of course the phenomenon that is Funk N Pop, FamJam comes as the latest new venture for what many consider the premiere event organiser in Cairo.

    For more information on FamJam, click here.

    By Kalam El Qahaira