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  • Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers Celebrates Ramadan 2013 in Style


    Of all the many, many places in Cairo that have festively sprung into action this Ramadan, one of CG’s favorite go-to spots is Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers. Why? It’s simple: with an array of Ramadan-themed good cheer across all of its venues, the popular hotel has jumped in head first.

    The main attraction is the hotel’s take on the traditional Ramadan kheima; Si Omar offers Cairenes the quintessential modern Ramadan experience. Serving sohour around the hotel pool, Si Omar boasts top food, live entertainment and a rather swanky selection of quality shisha.

    But it doesn’t stop there; the Fairmont’s restaurants are getting in on the act, too. Popular restaurants, My Kind of Place and Aqua e Luce, are offering Cairo’s hungry fasters lavish buffets to feast on, while Lebanese restaurant, Al Dabke, has a special set menu. Never one to be left behind, Pizza Bar also offers set menus for both fetar and sohour.

    In addition, private group sohour and fetar is available, and we’ve heard a rumour that the head honchos have some big plans for Eid – including special room rates.

    For more info on Si Omar and the Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers’ other Ramadan fun, check out the hotel’s official Facebook page.