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  • Facebook Is Getting A Feature for Dating This Year

    Black Mirror

    If you thought messages in your “other” inbox were crazy and creepy, they are bound to disappear. Facebook is creating a new feature that allows people to date via a dating profile. Yeah, you got that right; if you can’t buy the competition, make use of their idea and destroy them… wink, wink, Tinder.

    We know what you’re thinking, you definitely won’t be using this to expose your “private” life to your friends and family on Facebook, but we assure you it’s a secret feature. Facebook says nobody can see your dating profile, other than people who also have a dating profile and aren’t on your friends list. So relax, nobody is going to judge you.

    Here’s how it’s going to work: all you have to do is create a dating account, show your interest in events in your city, then Facebook’s algorithms will be put to work, and you will be able to find a significant other who has the same group of interests. If you’re both interested in each other after, you know, the usual stalking, you can have a little conversation in a special inbox that has nothing to do with Facebook messenger.

    According to Techcrunch, tons of marriages started on Facebook and other social media websites. We won’t get into whether they lasted or not, but this is just another easy way to find the love you’ve been looking for.

    Techcrunch added that Facebook will begin testing this feature later this year.

    By Sara Mosharef