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  • Facebook Hashtags!

    Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 4.08.14 AM

    If you havent heard,  guess what… FACEBOOK has now released HASHTAGS! Yes Hashtags,

    I personally find hash tags the worst invention on earth! I hate twitter because of it, I refuse to add hashtags in my Instagram, I just find people using hashtags are TRYING TO HARD FOR ATTENTION, i mean why would you want strangers looking at your facebook status, or your pictures via hashtag, if anything i believe hashtags should be destroyed!

    Yet facebook just rolled them out!

    What i would be curious to see is how people would use it?

    Are statuses going to be start looking like instagram #instacool #instalame #instaOMG! … OR NO IT WILL BE like #faceME #faceool #FUCKMYLIFE!