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  • Everything You Need to Know About the Egyptian AI Start-up That Participated in TechCrunch Conference

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    When you hear “AI,” you instantly think Google, Samsung, and Apple. However, this is about to change, for we are entering a new age; an Egyptian start-up is taking the lead at using AI to automate marketing.

    Cognitev, an AI tech company based in Egypt, with offices in Dubai and the US too, has developed an online tool to automate marketing, which they call InstaScaler. The tool’s website officially launched in 2017, with promises of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing for all types of businesses, ranging from small & medium to large enterprises, Basmat AlSabah Fareed, the Business Planner & Strategist told us.

    Their participation in the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference spoke volumes about the path they are on, as well as the number of the prestigious clients they hold: Mercedes Benz, Toyota, MasterCard, Ford, PHILIPS, Honda, Porsche, TOTAL, Panasonic, Citibank, and more.

    Moreover, InstaScaler is only one of Cognitev’s services, as they have others such as Adrelated, which is the “world’s first semantic marketing platform focused purely on performance, allowing advertisers to match their ads with engaging content relevant to their business,” as smeadvisor.com reported.

    Fareed added that the start-up’s main concern “is to provide a seamless experience, where businesses are only required to give the platform their website’s URL, and to specify the countries they are targeting.” Their AI (AKA InstaScaler) technology will use predefined algorithms “to analyse the website and identify what is the most efficient marketing channel to acquire visitors to the website,” Fareed added.

    The platform can advertise on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and 100 other channels. The beauty of this platform is that the Ad material is automatically generated.

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    And, although the service pricing might seem high, if you factor in that businesses wouldn’t need social media executives, strategists, marketers, or SEO executives, the pricing is fair.

    Worry not, robots aren’t taking over the world yet; they are still infants getting fed.