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  • Everyone’s Up in Arms About a Russian Pole Dancer Performing at Egyptian School Prom


    So, a certain ex–president walked free this weekend, but lets talk about a prom instead, because, well, that’s the hot topic button on Egyptian social media right now. Yes, photos have gone viral of an  apparent AIS (American International School) prom showing a rather racy pole dancing performance as part of the students’ festive send-off.

    Posted on Facebook page, The Night Out, over 5,000 social media users have shared the album, most of which have done so in a fit of rage. Some have deemed the night’s entertainment unsuitable for the innocent minds of our future generations, while others have, confusingly, taken a look at these spoiled rich kids having inappropriate fun while most of Egypt struggles to feed itself approach. Our favourite line if complaint, however, has to be people asking why they had to look to Mother Russia, when Om El Donya has plenty of talent. Here, here.

    As is so often the case with social media, there’s been a lack of solid information – so much so that, after being misidentified through a rogue hashtag,  a different school, Elite School, was forced to make a statement clarifying that it was AIS and not them, as many social media users have wrongly assumed.

    Though it’s likely that the students arranged the prom independently of the school, AIS will come under immense pressure for allowing the prom to go ahead as it did. Some more level-headed, social media users have weighed in with their two cents, dismissing the whole furor as load of hot air – and they might have a point. Have these people seen what goes on at bars and clubs across Egypt? Check out Cairo Gossip’s coverage of the best nightlife across the capital on CG Live #ShamelessPlug.

    Update: the photos have since been taken down by The Night Out.

    By Kalam El Qahaira

    Images courtesy of The Night Out