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  • Etisalat to go 4G

    Etisalat Egypt Ericsson agreement

    So you know why etisalat has been having a shitty network lately, well guess what its because they have been busy upgrading their network, to 4G!

    That is being rolled out at beginning of February, at least that what the shop clerk at etisalat said.

    how is this affecting us … well other than getting a stable network (finally!!!) all of us with Samsung Galaxy S3, or iPhone 5,  will access a the internet quadruple speed if not more! via these new 4G ready phones !

    So after speaking with the etisalat, i did a bit of google search and came across the article below if you are interested in the technical details

    Ericsson today announced a new agreement with Etisalat Egypt to transform the telecom operator’s radio network to enable a range of converged information and telecom services.

    As part of the deployment, Ericsson will provide Etisalat Egypt with its latest RBS 6000 radio base-station technology. The base stations are designed for energy efficiency in high-volume subscriber ecosystems and are intended to enable Etisalat Egypt to prepare the network for LTE (4G) upscaling.

    “Demand for voice and data services is constantly increasing,” said Saeed ElHamly, CEO, Etisalat Egypt.

    “This is why we are always striving to cater to our subscribers’ needs by continuously upgrading our network and adopting the latest technology.”

    “Etisalat Misr keeps its commitment in maintaining technology and broadband leadership and will continue investing in solutions and products that will enhance service experience for consumers and enterprises,” said Haitham AbdulRazzak, CTO, Etisalat Egypt.

    According to Ericsson, the RBS 6000 will also allow for the development of new, high-speed mobile broadband services and Web applications.

    “We are proud to build on our longstanding relationship with Etisalat Egypt by taking on this project,” said Işıl Yalcin, president, Ericsson, North East Africa Unit, Ericsson Region Middle East.

    “We understand that Etisalat Egypt is always looking to provide its subscribers with the latest services and highest levels of quality networks and we are committed to supporting them with our solutions, technologies and expertise to achieve this. It will also allow us, at Ericsson, to continue to progress in our quest to enable a truly networked society in Egypt and the region where everything that can benefit from connectivity will be connected.”