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  • eniGma’s Cairo Fashion Police

    eniGma TV


    Enigma has started this show called Fashion Police on their youtube, and they did a series for it before for a number of arab and international celeberites, but it didn’t capture most of the  cairine scene attention, until now!

    eniGma, did a critique of a bit Cairos from different events, and what they did is if they had a negative critique they would hide the face of person and not reveal, if it was positive critique they would show the face

    Now fishie and kittie saw this video a few days ago, and well we had somewhat similar opinions, on the video but also different ones !

    Fishie says: I like the concept of the video, eniGma as a magazine is targeting Egypt and the world, and they have an out and about section, so they need to add their own twist to the pictures and their comments, and we as people should be able to take critisim, as long as it is constructive critique… and my constructive critique on the video, would be to focus on more than two parties and make a variety i guess.

    Kittie says: I love the idea of the video however they should keep it  non personal and objective . In the back of my head all i can think of is Shit what if i get caught when i look like shit.

    Now that being said, fishie & kittie didnt agree with all the comments on the dresses and the video , the video actually made us discuss internally with each other and we didnt agree with all the comments that was said about the dresses. But i guess that could be one of the aim of the videos, is to have us discuss and see debate and see if we think the same or not.