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  • Emirati Health Initiative Rewards Weight-Loss with Gold


    In an unusual effort to combat obesity, the Emirati government has issued a 30-day challenge in Dubai offering contestants pure gold as an incentive for dropping that extra unsightly weight. The gist of this program is that for every kilogram you lose, you will be rewarded with a princely gram of gold.

    Genius or ridiculous? We’ll let you make your own mind up about that.

    But it got us thinking; the Egyptian diet isn’t the best, and we all know someone who likes koshary a little too much. So what would it take to get Egyptians to take part in a similar initiative? Free phone credit? How about green laser pointers? Or better yet, we can give away apartments in New Cairo – because an area that ‘new’ shouldn’t look like an abandoned, apocalyptic wilderness, a la Road 90.