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  • Emirates Plane Crash-Lands in Dubai


    Reports have emerged that an Emirates Boeing 777 has crash-landed at Dubai International Airport. The plane, which took off from  Trivandrum International Airport in India this morning, is said to have had almost 300 passengers and crew,  and the Dubai government media office has said that no injuries or fatalities have been reported thus far.

    Amateur footage said to be of the incident shows the front of the plane bursting into flames, before a plume of smoke rose from it. Dubai International Airport officials have also released a statement assuring concerned family members and friends that all passengers on board were evacuated from the plane, which was laying in a crumble on the airport tarmac, with more black smoke rising from its upper section.

    The incident has delayed all departing flights at the airport, which stands as the busiest globally in terms of international flights, serving up to 66 million passengers per year.

    By Kalam El Qahaira

    (Photo: Al Arabiya)