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  • Tiran & Sanafir: Eight Things We’d Rather Give to Saudi Arabia


    Unless you’ve being living under a rock (or didn’t renew your mobile internet bundle and weren’t effected by the alleged safety-precaution-scrambling of 3G networks), you’ll know that King Salman of Saudi Arabia was in town over the weekend for what is being branded as a historical meeting with the premier of Egypt. Aside from the bridge that is to connect the two countries, the islands of Tiran and Sanafir were relinquished to our Saudi brethren in some kind of brotherly gesture.

    Many are bemused at this most generous of gifts, because, well, they’re pretty gorgeous and there are plenty of other things that we wouldn’t mind giving up…

    1. Nadia El Guindy


    Because she’s practically a historical landmark.

    2. Porto Everything

    27133990Photo courtesy of booking.com

    They’ve ruined Sokhna’s coast and we’re building a bridge to Saudi, so we might as well expand to Porto Riyad, Porto Jeddah…

    3. El Khalil Comedy

    khalil-1024x576Photo courtesy of Google

    We’d like to export El Khalil and his fabulous sense of humour to Saudi. Permanently. All of him. On a one-way ticket. 

    4. Gam’aat El Dowal Street


    Because, let’s face it, it’s theirs anyway. So is the Grand Hyatt. And the Four Seasons. And the Semiramis.

    5. Zamalek Hipsters

    Egyptian-dandies-007Photo courtesy of Mezdoz on Facebook

    Because we’d like to see the look of confusion on Saudi people’s faces when they can’t figure out the thick beards, bracelets and tattoo sleeves.We can hardly figure it out as it is.

    6. People Who talk about CrossFit



    7. The Mogama3


    The one building we have no problem handing over. We’d even wrap it up and tie a bow on it.

     8. Faisal Street


    It’s half theirs already considering the name. With it comes the phenomenal Faisal Street traffic and the delightful driving game of will-I-ever-make-it-home-before-I-kamikaze-everyone-on-this-road.

    By Kalam El Qahaira