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  • Eight Reasons to Be Excited About AUTOVROOOM


    Last month, our friends at Cairo 360 got exclusive access to what is shaping up to be something super awesome: AUTOVROOOM. Excessive use of the letter ‘O’ aside, the soon-to-be-open kart racing facility is the first and only FIA approved track in Egypt, meaning that it’s only a matter of time before Cairo is hosting some of the biggest regional and international competitions in the kart racing world.

    More importantly, for a carefree and ultimately frivolous bunch like us, however, AUTOVROOOM is going to be a whole load of fun. Here’s why you should be just as giddy with excitement as us.

    It could be your first step to becoming the next Formula One Star!
    Many of the world’s best F1 drivers began their journey with kart racing and it has become a necessary prerequisite. AUTOVROOM’s kart racing academy will could kick-start the career you never realized you wanted.

    It’s the closest thing to real-life Mario Kart in Egypt.http://digitalmofo.com/wp-content/plugins/rss-poster/cache/9aad0_beep-beep-coming-though.jpg
    Bring your own banana skins and turtle shells, though.

    Ladies, you can let your man live out his boyhood fantasies while you enjoy lunch, a workout and a manicure at AUTOVROOOM’s adjoining mall, Avenue.

    The huge dining and entertainment complex has already secured some pretty impressive tenants, including NOLA Cupcakes, Jazzercize  and Mohamed Al Sagheer.

    Guys, you can leave the missus to do girly stuff at the aforementioned Avenue, while you burn some rubber.
    Because the pressure is already enough without your other half screaming at you from the sidelines to drive slower. No need to worry, though – these guys are professionals.

    Global technology pioneer, Philips, has partnered with AUTOVROOOM to apply some very special lighting solutions to the track.
    Magna Racino, Ebreichsdorf, Austria
    Because there’s nothing sexier than a gleam of light shining on a sleek tarmac floor as you take the pedal to the metal and cross the finishing line in a blaze of glory. If you’re into that kind of thing.

    There are no mountainous speed-bumps, surprise potholes or treacherous microbuses to ruin your day.AUTOVROOOM’s track is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Cairo’s roads are as smooth as an old lady’s dry, cracked heel.

    Helmets are sexy

    Especially when trailblazing female racer, Susie Wolff, sits on one.

    It’s the only time you can wear a onesie in public.
    There’s no guarantee you’ll look as good as Patrick ‘McDreamy’ Dempsey, though.

    For more information on AUTOVROOOM click here.