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  • Eight Mildly Interesting Facts About Xavi


    He’s the most decorated Spanish footballer in history, he’s unanimously considered on of the most gifted players of his generation and he’s coming to Egypt thanks to Palm Hills Development.

    Xavier Hernández i Creus – better known to you and I as Barcelona wizard, Xavi - is coming to Cairo in December to impart his considerable wisdom on 500 lucky Egyptian bambinos as part of traveling training camp, Campus Xavi. Five of said bambinos will even get the chance to win a trip of a lifetime to Barcelona.

    Resisting the celebrity football mold of today, Señor Xavi is a beacon of professionalism and modesty. But in the investigative journalism piece of the year, we’ve done a bit of snooping and discovered some interesting things about the man they call The Puppet Master.

    He’s an excellent dancer.
    giphy (2)
    Here he is (red t-shirt) on stage with Shakira – the girlfriend of Barcelona teammate, Gerard Pique.

    He’s easily startled.
    giphyqThat dude just told him that Real Madrid are the best team in Spain.

     He doesn’t care about getting sticky from drink spillage.giphy (3)YOLO.

    He’d make a decent Pope.2010-10-06-xavi-14Waving and smiling to thousands of followers without losing your shit isn’t easy.

    He and Barcelona teammate, Andres Iniesta, have developed a telepathic understanding.200Great minds…

    He has the sexy stare of a Spanish soap star.tumblr_m1o85uotfk1qefo1eo3_250Hot damn.

    His ‘game face’ is pretty intense.giphyThe eyes of a winner.

    But he’s a bit of a goofball, too.giphy (1)Uber cute.

     Yeah, I know – my mind was totally blown, too. For more information on Campus Xavi, click here.