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  • Eight Halloween Costumes Inspired by Egypt in 2016


    The holiday that haunts us weeks before it’s arrival is upon us: Halloween. By now you’ll find all three costume shops in Cairo are sold out of even the crappiest witch getups, so you might as well start brainstorming ideas for a DIY costume. We’ve done the hard part for you; here are ten Halloween costumes you can make yourself, inspired by this stranger than fiction year in Egypt. 

    Kees Sukkar


     You will have both ants and people running after you, so accessorize with sneakers.

     Fifi Abdo – 5 mwah


    Eshtat 3asalat follat b7boko awi khamsa mwah khamsa hawa new khamsa aywa ba2a w yala ba2a tab ‘eskuooz me’.

     Mohamed Kareem


    Make sure to say ‘hello……thank you’ randomly throughout the night.

     A Dollar


    Everyone will want you at their party, but not because you’re fun.

     Konafa Red Velvet


    Allahoma sully 3alla kamel el dasam.

    Floating the pound


    Inny aghraqa ta7t el ma2….




    Juhayna Babies


    3ashan enta mesh ader tensa el donduuu.

     Social Media Influencer


    Filter sold separately.

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk