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  • Egypt’s SexBOOK بنات عربي ام الاجنبي


    So under the rule of Ikhwan, a lot of things have flourished. One of which is Egypt sex industry. After all its a nahda

    Or have your forgotten Madam Maha & Hayyam phone calls.   Well now it takes on a new look. FACEBOOK … with the page called “بنات عربي ام الاجنبي “

    with pictures of Arab Girls plastered all over it.  check out the link here: https://www.facebook.com/Banat.3arby

    now here are some pictures from the page! now

    1 -i am not sure how facebook has allowed these pictures on.

    2 – seriously some of these girls if not all makes one want to throw up. like totally insulting to Egyptian girls, giving us a bad rep

    3- they have pictures of veiled girls and monakabat. no comment.