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  • Egypt’s Top Prosecutor Receives Complaints About Bassem Youssef


    Bassem Youssef fever hit TV screens all over Egypt this weekend, but as always, there’s plenty of drama – drama that could land Youssef in hot water.

    After Youssef’s long-awaited return on Friday, the office of Egypt’s top prosecutor is alleged to have received four complaints the very next day. What were these party-poopers’ problems? They don’t like anyone – and they mean anyone – to speak ill of their beloved Sissi.

    On Friday’s show, Youssef took jabs at the mania surrounded Sissi, who – after pulling the presidential rug from beneath Morsy’s feet – has gone on to be idolised as a messiah by a huge section of Egyptians.

    Now, I have the memory of an alcoholic goldfish, but wasn’t it not so long ago that Morsi supporters tried to sue Youssef for ‘insulting’ their bearded leader and Islam?

    Mr Sissi, I’m no political mastermind, but if these complaints are acted on – which wouldn’t be a surprise in the slightest – isn’t that called hypocrisy?

    The world is watching…