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  • Egypt’s Best Gamers Prepare for Fanta Gaming Championship Finals


    Gone are the days when video games were the pastime of choice for the reclusive; gaming is big business in Egypt these days and, while we quite often have to wait a little more than gamers elsewhere for new releases, everything game-related can be found at our doorsteps.

    So big is gaming in Egypt, that this year’s Fanta Gaming Championships have possibly been the biggest yet. Pitting gamers from up and down Egypt against each other on FIFA 16, the long, hard road to the final is almost up, with the grand finale set to take place at Cairo Festival City Mall on Saturday 29 October.

    Said finals will bring together the county’s best 16 FIFA players for a battle for the ages, but there’s plenty for attendees and spectators to enjoy, too.

    After what promises to be a pretty fly freestyle show and live music during the opening ceremony, a live analytical studio (see, gaming is serious business) will be following the action, while a special interactive, zoom-in screen will get the crowd involved.

    There will also be plenty for spectators’ idle hands, with baby foot tables and PS stations ready and waiting. The tournament marks yet another successful Playstation-Fanta collaboration – one that further highlights the growing gaming community in Egypt, who are definitely all not recluses locked up in ther bedroom.

    For more information on the Fanta Gaming Championships finale, click here.

    By Kalam E Qahaira