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  • Egyptians Amass 45 Medals in Tarragona 2018


    If someone tells you Egyptians haven’t been winning anything lately, they are in the wrong. You might as well tell them to go screw themselves because we’re doing just great in this year’s Tarragona.

    Tarragona or as it’s known, the Mediterranean Games, of 2018 was being held in Tarragona, Spain. It is a multi-event competition, where professionals from all over the world compete to win the medals. It’s not the Olympics, but more than 20 nations participate, and it’s a very big deal!

    The competitions include, Karate, Shooting, Swimming, Weightlifting, and Triathlon. And Egyptians have so far won 45 different medals. 16 bronze medals, 11 silver medals, and 18 gold medals in all types of games except the triathlon (recently added to the list of Tarragona events).  Of course some of our well known players are part of this competition, such as the swimmer Farida Osman and the weightlifter Mohamed Ihab Mahmoud.

    The 45 medals Egypt has won, put them it in the fifth place, where Italy has secured the first position with 156 medals. On the other hand, spain came in second with 121 medals; and Turkey won 99 medals, while France won 95 medals.

    Hey, the first Mediterranean Games were held in Alexandria by the way, and it was the idea of the Egyptian, Mohamed Taher Pasha, so cheer on our amazing athletes!


    By Sara Mosharef