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  • Egyptian Trans Woman Arrested for “Advertising Sex Services” on Facebook & YouTube


    Twenty-five year-old Egyptian trans woman, Malooka Aldlouah, was arrested this week along with her roommate, for – according to police – “advertising sexual services” through videos posted via social media. Not just any kind of sex, though – ‘sadistic’ and ‘hardcore’ sex.

    However, it's thought that the arrest is part of the wider recent crackdown on LGBT activity in Egypt as Aldlouah hasn't actually posted  anything through her Facebook and YouTube pages for a almost three years.

    Naturally, local media has been in a frenzy with Youm7 labeling her as "THE MOST DANGEROUS SHEMALE IN EGYPT!!!" (exclamation marks added by Cairo Gossip for maximum shock value). Police also claim that they seized numerous sex toys, condoms and women's underwear from  Aldlouah's 6th of October City apartment.

    Speaking to Buzzfeed Aldlouah's roommate is quoted as saying,“I will leave Egypt soon - hard days are definitely coming.”