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  • #EgyptAir Hijacking: 19 Hilarious Internet Reactions


    If you missed today’s breaking news, an Egyptian man hijacked a Cairo-bound EgyptAir flight and rerouted it to Cyprus to ‘send a message to his Cypriot ex-wife’. While the hijacking and hostage-taking are serious, terrifying matters not to be laughed at, it’s been hard to keep a straight face at the news reports coming out (He had an explosive belt! No he didn’t, he had a letter!). Here are the best, side-splittingly funny tweets and Facebook posts cracking us up right now.

    1. This:

    2. He’s not even making this up:

    3. Nor is he:

    4. So true:

    5. And the Egyptian alsh begins:

    6. And continues:

    7. This reference was bound to happen:

    8. The collective sound of Egyptian wives groaning:

    9. Giving divorced men a bad name:

    10. Ex-husbands unite:

    11. This epic tweet is in reference to this viral story:

    12. The hijacker has also made things hard on married men:

    13. And on single women, too:

    14. And all the hardcore-romantics, it seems:

    15. Some people are already working on their valentine’s cards:

    16. Better than the original: