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  • Egypt TV Show to Air “Gay Perversion” Raid Footage


    Egyptian TV presenter, Mona Iraqi, sent Facebook into overdrive last night after proudly and outrageously boasting about a raid on a Downtown Cairo bathhouse as part of a so called investigation for TV show, Al Mostakhaby, which airs on nonsense-pedaling pro-government channel, Al-Qahira wal Nas.

    According to Paper-Bird.net, eye-witnesses in the area claim that up to forty or so men were marched out of the bathhouse naked before being loaded into the back of police trucks.

    The reporter posted images of the raid on her Facebook page (see below), claiming that she and her producers had filed a complaint about the bathhouse with authorities last week, with a view to airing the program on Wednesday 3rd, only for warrants to be held up.

    Iraqi went on to state that the show was part of a campaign, of sorts, to help ‘raise awareness’ of AIDS in Egypt, and that it will be aired this week (Wednesday 10th).

    The post was met with hundreds of responses attacking Iraqi and the TV show. Cairo Gossip only dares tell people what to do when it comes to parties and gigs, but feel free to tell Ms Iraqi what you think of her sordid brand of ‘journalism’ here.