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  • Egypt to Use Live Webcam Stream to Repair Tourism?


    I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but yes, tourism in Egypt is pretty pitiful right now. But worry not, folks; we’re in safe hands!

    Omayma El Husseini, a representative of the Egyptian State Tourist Office, has this week suggested that plans are afoot to stream live footage from across Egypt with the aim of rekindling the once prolific tourism industry. The plans were revealed by El Husseini at the World Travel Market conference in London.

    “We want to let people know what other people are enjoying and to encourage the tourists to keep on coming.”

    And so rather than dealing with issues of harassment around the Pyramids or fixing up the Egyptian Museum, we’ll be harnassing the awesome power of a cutting edge technology from the 90s. I guess all we can do now is keep our fingers crossed that the tourist office remembers to renew their monthly internet subscription.