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  • Egypt Ranks 2nd on CNN’s 2019 Top Destinations List


    Rejoice, boys and girls, because our great country of Egypt is second place on CNN Travel’s list of top 2019 destinations!

    This ranking may come as no surprise to some of us who are first-hand witnesses to our country’s beautiful charm, whether in the extravagance of our great capital or perhaps in Sinai’s beauty and simplicity. Regardless of where you’ve found it, most of us know it’s there. It’s just great news to know others now know about it too.

    On CNN Travel’s annual list of top destinations of 2019, Egypt ranked second, after Christchurch, New Zealand, which was the number one destination on the list.

    The great news is that CNN stated that many Egyptologists have been examining interesting discoveries and finds, which will be made available for the public to see, and in turn, is bound to increase the appeal of visiting Egypt and boost tourism.

    What’s even more significant, CNN stated that it was safe to visit Egypt, as currently there are hundreds of thousands of visits to the pyramids of Giza. In addition, the Red Sea resorts were also labelled safe by CNN.

    That’s not all: as the Grand Egyptian Museum is set to open in 2020, expectations at CNN indicated a lot of touristic activity in Egypt’s near future.

    What great news to start the week with!

    By Dina Khafagy