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  • Egypt Ranks as One of the Most Expensive Countries to Buy an IPhone


    Bad news gadget fans, Egypt is among the most expensive places on the planet to purchase an IPhone, according to global stats.

    The latest figures from Deutsche Bank’s ‘Mapping the World’s Prices’ Index rank Egypt in joint sixth place with Italy when it comes to the cost of an IPhone 7 featuring 128 gigabytes of memory. The phone retails at around 17,999 LE here (995 USD), the same price as it is in Italy, and just a tad more expensive than in the Czech Republic (994 USD) and Norway (993 USD).

    The most expensive countries on the list are Turkey (1200 USD), Brazil (1115 USD), and Russia (1086 USD) followed by Greece (1028 USD), and Poland (1005 USD).
    Meanwhile the cheapest countries on the list are the United States (815 USD), Japan (815 USD), and Hong Kong (821 USD).

    While technology buffs may be left disheartened at the news, we can all find comfort in the knowledge that Egypt is home to the cheapest Big Mac in the world according to this year’s Big Mac Index.


    By Conor Sheils