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  • Egypt raises 20 Billion in 2 days!


    Ok first off let me start by all the rumours going around that Emirates have given or promised egypt 3 Billion USD and Saudi did the same but with 8 Billion. There is no accurate or reliable actual news source that says that!! This is all yellow news!

    Then comes the news the sawiris donated 3 Billion USD!!!! What!!!! Really!!
    Ok people the real news 3 million! Not BBBillion!

    Then there is news going around that KSA would boycott American business if the USA continues supporting Moursi and that the UAE will find a military deal worth 5 billion to buy equipment from Russia, if USA doesn’t send it’s military aid!

    People are you for real?!?!? UAE will pay money for another country to buy for it military? Really?

    The thing this is all yellow press and people are just restating with out fact checking! Which is really causing this mode of fake euphoria to people. So no egypt DID not raise 20billion USD in two days.

    The only thing that might be beneficial that came out, is the campaign of Egyptians to raise their own money by putting money in egypt development fund 306306 which is available in every bank!