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  • Egypt One of the Most ‘Unsatisfied & Pessimistic’ Nations in New Survey


    Hurrah! Egypt has come bottom of yet another table! Taking wealth, health, social life and work into account – amongst other things – a survey by the Pew Research Center has revealed that Asian countries are the most satisfied and optimistic, with the Middle East, unsurprisingly, producing the most damning answers.

    Propping up the list of ‘emerging’ nations is, of course, Egypt, with Tunisia and Jordan the only countries fairing worse in specific categories.

    The survey compares where these nations are in 2014 to where they were seven years ago and Egyptians are, according to the results, much unhappier. Granted, the political and social instability in the country will have largely dictated this, but the results make for grim reading for a people noted for their sense of humour, hospitality and general YOLO attitude to life.

    One of the most bleak findings is that 31% of Egyptians consider themselves to be at the bottom of the societal ladder, so to speak, and only 20% are happy with their 'material well-being', while almost half are unhappy with their health and religious life.

    For more depressing details, click here.