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  • Egypt Goes Electronic by 2019


    Ever been stuck in a long line of sweaty armpits, during a stupidly humid and hot summer, where the sun burns through your thick skin? Ever been stuck with hundreds of people pressing against you, exhaling breath that smell like sewage water? Ever tried to break up a fight, or was in one because someone decided to take someone’s/your place in the line? Ever been told after all the suffering of getting your paperwork together that it is missing a stamp, missing a document, missing a signature? You can kiss those days goodbye by 2019.

    One day, you will wake up to no-governmental errands in the weekend. You will sleep your a** off ‘til sundown, and maybe, just maybe do everything in half an hour online (electronically). This dream might come true in a year or two as, in a report published by  egyptindependent.com, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Yasser al-Qady said that by 2019 the government will be providing its services electronically.

    Government services electronically… are those like renewing licenses and paying due road violations? What exactly are they talking about? Because if it is what we think it is, that would be a goddamn relief! In a report by Egypttoday.com, they explained that this is actually all true, and it is all part of the transformation to digital economy.

    Also, expect faster internet folks because al-Qady added that the ministry is investing in 4G services to ensure a better e-commerce infrastructure and to ease the wireless/paperless transformation.

    By Adel M. Fakhry